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Change your mind, change your health Transform your life in 5 minutes a day

We believe that the mind is how we see the world and by doing an easy 5 minute exercise a day you can transform your life drastically.

Coherence Benefits

The mind and the body are one and Coherence is a simple tool that brings deep changes to your health and well-being. Cardiac Coherence relaxes your mind, calms your heart and brings many health benefits

  • Backed by science

    Backed by more than 30 years of scientific studies, it's a simple and effective way to reduce stress and improve your health, without any medication or equipment.

  • Increased emotional well-being

    Feel calmer, balanced, more focused, and think more clearly. Reduces stress, and enhances cognitive performance.

  • Better sleep quality

    Because it helps regulate stress, it contributes to a night of better sleep. Promotes relaxation, leading to improved sleep patterns and increased restorative rest.

  • Increased energy levels

    Improves blood circulation and increased oxygen flow throughout the body. Leading to increased physical stamina boosting overall energy levels.

  • Improved stress management

    Activates the body’s relaxation response and reduces the activity of the nervous system fight or flight response. Helps with cortisol levels, a hormone released in response to stress.

  • Improved mental clarity

    In a state of coherence, signals to the brain are sent that promote a calm and focused state. This allows for clearer thinking, better decision-making, and increased creativity.

What is Coherence?

Powerful and easier than meditation. Cardiac Coherence can be done any time and when practiced over time, bring deep changes in your body and your mind

Coherence App Details

Coherence is here when you need it

We're doing this to help people get better. Coherence is a beautiful experience that helps you take a break and get better or fall asleep when you need it. Completely free, offline, no Ads and no need to create an account

Coherence News

Coherence is both a simple concentration exercise and a breathing exercise. Stay up to date with the latest cardiac Coherence information