Do you want to change your mind but don’t know how?

Well.. there’s a way and guess what, it’s not as hard as you think!. Here’s a way that takes all the thinking out of it -> Cardiac Coherence

Coherence is a very relaxing experience that calms your mind and your heart in an easy 5 minute exercise.

By breathing in a pattern, your mind relaxes and rests in a focused state. Sounds difficult? Not at all, Coherence takes the thinking away. Just install the app and let it remind you to take a break daily. That’s it, by doing only 5 minutes a day you’ll get powerful results right now and great improvements over time. You’ll feel peaceful right after a Coherence session and a calm mind in the long run.

Only in 5 minutes a day, really?

Yes! But if you’d like more benefits, try 2 or 3 times a day. This is because, the short term effects of Coherence last about 4 hours so 3 times a days covers most of your day and you’ll feel a steady calm. These effects are backed by science and improves your health, attention and mindfulness. All packaged in a free app that’s always with you when you need to relax.

A new healthy habit

The Coherence app will help you develop a healthy habit. Set a daily reminder at a convenient time and you’ll be amazed at the results in a short amount of time. Like brushing your teeth every day, Coherence is like a little brushing of your mind. It gently clears your mind and makes it fresh.

Coherence works anytime anywhere on your phone or web browser

Don’t you have 5 min a day to create a new powerful habit that’ll change your mind and attention for the better ? Try coherence now