Coherence Android App Update

We are excited to announce the Coherence App has new features:

  • Improved statistics
  • Show the best streak of cardiac coherence days done in a row
  • Selecting a day in the statistics calendar shows the number of heart coherence sessions done that day
  • More precise minutes shown when a coherence session is finished
  • Show the total time done across all cardiac coherence sessions
  • Improved display on large screens
  • Improved translations

Cardiac Coherence is a simple 5 minute breathing exercise proven to reduce stress, anxiety and improve sleep.

The new version is available now on the app stores

We are still testing the IOS version and will be soon available on IPhones. Until then, the PWA web version can be used in any web browsers now.

Try now! did you know that doing a simple 5 min/day practice improve your health and your mind?